1. Measure the Total Person  icon-measure-total-person.gif - 2.07 Kb
Our products measure the total person. We measure the three most important dimensions of human beings: Thinking and reasoning, Behavioral traits, and Occupational interests.

 2. Designed For Business icon-designed-business.gif - 2.08 Kb

Our products, while both reliable and valid, are specifically developed for business use. We do not attempt to take a general assessment and make it work in a business setting. Rather, we create each assessment so that it is relevant to your needs

3. Easily Customized Job Match Patterns  icon-job-match-patterns.gif - 2.11 Kb

Our assessments have the functionality to create job match patterns (benchmarks) that are customized to fit your company and its corporate culture. Job match patterns are used to ensure the people you hire or develop will have many of the same job-related attributes as your proven performers.

4. Easy Delivery System  icon-delivery-system.gif - 2.14 Kb

We provide our clients with their own virtual Virtual Assessment Center (VAC) if neccesary. If not then we conduct the assessment online for you. The reports are generated immediately and is in your inbox within 1 mimute from completion. 

5. Flexible Buying Options icon-flexible-buying-options.gif - 2.11 Kb

You can buy our assessments individually, or you can invest in bulk assessments. 


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